First of April, 1938 to the Twenty Second of April, 2007

Family First

A legacy left behind

Lolita Lim

Lolita Lim

Lolita, 69, had recently celebrated her birthday when she passed away in Phoenix, Arizona. She is survived by her husband and two children.

Occupation: Accountant, Business Woman, Convalecent Home Owner/Manager

Community involvement: Tayugenians of Northern California, Member of Lion's Club, Member of Knights of Columbus

Hobbies: Gardening, Sewing, Cooking

Dad's Speech

My wife, Lolita, had led a long and fulfilling life filled with so many wonderful memories. Lolita was an amazing woman with great qualities. My wife was a very determined woman. Once she starts a project she always wants to finish it. I couldn't even stop her when she has a goal to reach. People knew they could rely on her. She was so full of energy and always going from one place to another. The only time she would sit down was to watch "Deal or No Deal" and "Dancing with the Stars."

Lolita had a good eye for detail. Before leaving the house she would always inspect my clothing looking over everything from the shirt to the shoes. Everything had to be color-coordinated. It felt like entering a security checkpoint for the fashion police. If I didn't pass the test she would make me go back upstairs and change.

She always loved to make people happy even if it meant being secretive. She enjoyed organizing surprise parties for family members. Like the time when she threw me a surprise birthday party. I remember going to the senior center with Eddie to play ping pong and other games. When we returned home at 6:00 I caught Lolita in the act of setting up my surprise party. Although it didn't end up being a complete surprise I appreciated the love she put into planning the party.

My wife was a strong woman that always reacted quickly to any situation. I remember when we were on the subway in Paris, France. We were standing by the doors waiting for the train to stop when four young ladies began to crowd around the door with us. Immediately someone on the train pointed out that a girl next to us had her hand in Lolita's purse. That's when I noticed that my wallet was lying on the floor. Lolita quickly grabbed the girl and held onto her until security arrived. Not once during that time did my wife show any fear.

It was Lolita's love and devotion for her family that I admired. My life with her was never short because every day I spent with her was rewarding. I have cherished every moment with my wife. Not one day was wasted when I was with her.

Our Family

Our Family

Liz's Speech

Good evening, we are gathered here today to honor the life of the beautiful Lolita Lim. I'm Liza Lee, her daughter. I just want to expand your knowledge about this strong, good-hearted, smart, funny, and creative lady that we all love.

My mom was a loving person. She never ceases to amaze me with her unconditional love and support. She always made sure that we knew she was there for our family at anytime that we needed her. Whatever activity we were involved in she made sure to show her support in any way. I remember when my mom told me about the first time she went to one of Raymond's football games. When she first arrived to the stadium my mom immediately looked for Raymond, but she couldn't seem to find him. My mom was worried for his safety on the field. But as soon as she saw how fast he was as he quickly maneuvered his way around possible tackles my mom put aside her worries to be his loudest and most passionate cheerleader.

My mom's good heart could also be seen when caring for people around her. In the past she owned a large care home. She not only tended to 20 elderly people but she also cared for 16 people with dementia and Alzheimer's. My mom's unwavering devotion to her work extended beyond providing a home and activities. I spent a lot of time with my mom at the care home. One of the things I remember during the summer months was my mom buying sports bottles to help keep the patients hydrated. She never treated the people in the care home as just patients or a number. They were an extension of her family. She expressed this by providing engaging activities as well as monitoring their medications to provide them with as much of a normal life as she could.

While my dad was sacrificing his time with the family to work in San Francisco, my mom had to sometimes be both parents to us. Between raising two kids and managing a care home, she still made time to be there for relatives, friends, and personal hobbies. You know the expression "She has a green thumb?" Well, my mom has a rainbow thumb when it comes to doing things. She has a natural ability to do pretty much everything! From dancing with my dad at parties to driving a tractor to mow the lawn, my mom was a versatile woman. I have my mom to thank for a lot of the lifelong skills I have now. Thanks mom for the recipe to fresh lumpia wrappers. My mom cannot only make the lumpia filling from scratch but the wrapper as well. Like I was saying, from planting flowers and vegetables to making a sequined dress to fixing a pipe under the sink my mom could do anything! I hardly ever saw a repair man while I was growing up because she would always find a way to do it herself. When presented with a problem you can hear my mom say her infamous words, "Oh, that's easy, I can do it!" Sometimes I would joke around with her and purposely show her a nice dish or an outfit as a challenge. She would confidently turn to me and say, "I can make that!" and then she would tell me how to make it.

Take a look around you. Most of these things here today were made by my mom. All she needed was a picture and she could easily duplicate it or even make it better. I always tell her she should patent her creations! I can say so much more about what a wonderful woman my mom is, but sometimes words cannot always express how one feels. But I am here today to give you a little peek into my world to see why I feel so lucky and blessed to have Lolita Lopez Lim as my mom. I know everyone says this but they don't know what they're saying because I know that MY mom is the best mom in the world!

Mom with her Sisters

Nelly, Lolita, Rita, Ruby

Ray's Speech

Hello everyone I am Raymond, Lolita's son. Before I begin I would first like to acknowledge how proud I am of my father, Rudy. I'm motivated by his strength during these tough times. Now I would like to share with you some fond and loving memories of my mom. Many of my memories have not only provided me with good thoughts to look back on but examples on how to be a good person and live a respectable life. My mom possessed noble qualities that I work hard every day to emanate. Those are pretty big shoes to fill!

My earliest memory of my mom was when I came out of the womb. Everything was a bit confusing and my eyes were blinded by the bright lights. I could hear the love in my mom's voice and the tenderness in her touch. Seriously, though, from my earliest memory I have always felt loved by my mom. She has always given me a wealth of knowledge and advice to live by. She always knew what was best for me. Did I always listen to her? Probably not as much as I was supposed to but I kept those pearls of wisdom close to my heart because mom always knew best!

My mom had many talents and one of them was sewing. I remember watching her sit in front of her basic Singer model making amazing creations. Later on she upgraded to an Envision that had embroidery capabilities and that took her to a whole...'nother...level. I even had a handful of personalized towels and quilts to prove it! Too bad she didn't get her new sewing machine until after I left for college. Otherwise I would've had my name embroidered in all of my underwear instead of with a sharpie pen! Unfortunately sharpie ink does not last through many washings!

One of the qualities I admire in my mom is her selflessness and complete devotion to her family, especially to me. My mom has always been the "rock" in her family. She was the driving force in keeping everybody on track and moving in the right direction. In college while I was slaving away at the books trying to earn the fancy degrees my mom would cook for me on the weekends so I could have ba-oon for the week. Thanks to my mom I was able to study harder and my energy lasted longer. Since I was nowhere near the culinary cook like she was this was a God sent. Nothing compares to my mom's calderetta!

My mom was very active in her community. As a club and community member it was always very difficult to catch her at home. She's always off dancing with friends or playing mahjong. But when I do get the opportunity to talk with her she always had so many wonderful stories to tell me. I can see the joy in her eyes when I look at pictures from volunteer events and parties. She is always up for a hoe-down or a costume party.

I admire my mom's passion for travel. With my dad by her side she has traveled far and wide to exotic locations such as Reno and Cache Creek to pay homage to the nickel gods. She has also added to her worldly travels by visiting many European countries as well as all over North America. I would receive postcards from all these different destinations and dream of one day becoming a seasoned traveler like her. Her love and fascination for different countries and cultures encourages me to always keep my eyes open to new experiences.

As many of you may know I plan to get married to my fiance, Trang next month. Immediately after my mom's passing I had reservations about moving forward with this event. The thought of not having my mom there to share in this new chapter in my life was too heartbreaking. But as the days have gone by I've realized that my mom will be there by my side as I make my lifelong commitment. She may not walk down the aisle or light the unity candle. She may not be there to congratulate me and tell me what a great husband I am destined to be. But I know that her spirit is up above looking down on me and smiling. I know that my mom can see that she has accomplished something great. She has raised two wonderful children and supported a wonderful husband. And I know in my heart that she has raised me to be the man that I am today.