May 27, 2007

Raymond Lim & Doan-Trang Nguyen

Wedding Party

Maid of Honor:


Shirley Jou met Trang back in 2001 when they both started their 2-year teaching program at UC Berkeley. Trang's friendship with Shirley has progressed from classmate to roommate to beloved best friend. It was like finding her long-lost twin. She enjoys spending time with Shirley making cheerleading outfits and gossiping about their TV shows!


LilyLily Nguyen is Trang's younger and only sister. She still remembers the day her parents brought Lily by her school on their way home from the hospital. Trang had always wanted a sister and is blessed to have one like Lily.

My-AnhMy-Anh Nguyen is one of Trang's favorite cousins and although they are not direct cousins Trang sees her as more like a sister. Even though My-Anh's family moved to Southern California many years ago they have managed to maintain a close relationship.

KimKim Nguyen is Trang's other favorite cousin. Their friendship did not begin until Trang's high school years when they met for the first time while her family was visiting from the East Coast. They had an immediate connection and from that day on they have spent time on both sides of the country dancing the night away!

MarieMarie Hsu was one of Trang's roommates up in Berkeley. As one of her other best friends, Marie's free-spirited attitude goes well with Trang's decisive and organized personality. When the mood strikes you can probably find them singing tunes from "Moulin Rouge."

Best Man:

JonathanJonathan Lim is Ray's first cousin on his father's side. He has become a great role model in Raymond's life with his strong sense of family values, commitment to his work, and appreciation of life itself. Raymond has always relied on Jonathan for his advice on many things.


Rob ARobert Asuncion has been best friends with Raymond since college. He still remembers the first time he met Robert in their internship before the start of their college life. Raymond has found Robert to be a great friend and someone who has always been there for him. He is extremely happy to have been a part of Robert's recent nuptials with Cindy.

EugeneEugene Lopez is Raymond's cousin on his mother's side. Eugene has been a big influence in his professional career. He has been there for Raymond from housing him during part of his college years to providing resources to help educate him in his career.

Rob JRobert Jimenez is Raymond's other best friend since college. For a couple of years they lived across the hall from one another. Raymond can still remember the time when Robert scared him and others with a Halloween mask on a stick.

Johnny Johnny Roberson is one of Trang's best friends. Without him they would not be here today. Raymond became fast friends with Johnny. He is always there for you when you need a helping hand.

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