May 27, 2007

Raymond Lim & Doan-Trang Nguyen

Then and Now


Trang current
Trang young

Trang, now 30, was born in Pittsburg, PA but was raised in San Jose, CA. Although she spent some time away for college, her love for the South Bay drew her back home. Her life led her in many directions. She went from managing a food unit at Great America to managing a biotechnology museum gallery and finally setting her roots in teaching. Her love for children is what ultimately sealed the deal for her career choice. Trang could not be more happier than singing songs and relishing in her Kindergarteners' amazements at every little thing in life.

Trang is looking forward to starting a family and finally experiencing school from a parent's perspective. Her love for traveling may postpone those plans though! Right now she is content on spoiling their dog and enjoying life to the fullest.


Ray Now
Ray young

Raymond was born and raised in California. With a large family, a majority of which live in the bay area, he has had the good fortune of being surrounded by them and great friends the whole time.

Starting out in the Bay Area, his family moved to the Central Valley during his primary grades. After graduating from high school, he ventured out to college at San Jose State University, graduating in 2000. With a strong educational foundation he was armed for the work force starting out at a small internet consulting firm. Later, he went on to join payment systems for an internet auction website.

Aside from the programming world, Ray is an avid - renaissance sportsman. Enjoying everything from golf to volleyball to snowboarding to wake boarding to mountain biking. Every morning, he can be found on a jog with the Best Dog, Hercules.

He is awaiting the 'Big Day' and has looked forward to this moment since the first time he met Trang. Since that day he has known she was someone special!

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