May 27, 2007

Raymond Lim & Doan-Trang Nguyen

Bride's Parents

Nguyen Parents

Niem and Hoa live in the same house in San Jose, CA since Trang was four years old. Hoa spent the early part of her marriage working in various jobs but is now a full-time housewife. Niem is currently working in the computer industry where he wears bunny suits and help to create tomorrow's technologies! Hoa enjoys cooking loads of food for Trang and Raymond and Niem loves updating his "toys" as often as possible. Both of them love Raymond and look forward to having him as a part of their family.

Groom's Parents

Lim Parents

Rudy and Lolita currently reside in Phoenix, AZ. Rudy retired from the accounting department of Southern Pacific Railroad prior to moving to Arizona. Lolita started her career also at Southern Pacific, before starting a nursing home in Modesto. They are active members of the Knights of Columbus and Lion's club. Besides their organizational duties, they love to play mah-jong and hit the dance floor. So you better watch out for them on the big day!

Best Dog


Hercules, "Big Boy Bubba", currently resides in his crate, San Jose, CA. Known for sporting the Chicken Wing, he is not afraid to flash people and big dogs don't intimidate him. Hercules is quite spoiled but it doesn't get to his head. Because no matter what, he's bringing 'Sexy Back'.

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