May 27, 2007

Raymond Lim & Doan-Trang Nguyen

Our Story


South First billiard Raymond and I met online on the Yahoo dating section. On a whim, I decided to put up a personal ad and within a month I was slowly weeding through emails of men that did not catch my eye and some that were just downright creepy! One day in July I received a "wink" from Raymond, and although I thought he was very handsome I had opted to not pay for membership so I could not contact him. A week later my friend, Johnny, offered to let me use his account to email any guys whom I was interested. I began doing a long-winded search through the profiles when Raymond's profile jumped out at me. I immediately remembered him from the "wink" and decided to email him.

Raymond and I began talking online every night and we finally met within that week at South First Billiards. I was immediately struck by how handsome and easy-going he was. Although I was nervous to meet him I felt comfortable right away. We had a great time shooting pool with my cousin, Kim, and Johnny. He even taught me how to lightly tap the ball so it would go where I wanted it to go. After that initial meeting we saw each other 7 times in 2 weeks. I just could not get enough of him!

We discovered so many similarities, from our personal interests to our morals and values. Raymond always knew how to make me feel special and how to keep me calm in my chaotic life. After spending over a year being completely inseparable I knew that I could spend the rest of my life with this man.


Yahoo Personals The bar and club scene can be exciting and tons of fun. Meeting people, on the otherhand, in the world of loud-music and "what'd you say" is not so exciting or fun. The internet has allowed people to meet other people from all over the world. The prospect of a new way to meet people made using the internet a great idea. I had primarily used my Yahoo email account, so that's where I started. Yahoo personals. I created a profile with my picture in Men seeking Women. (Remember this detail, it will be an important one)

Along with creating a profile, there was a free service called Winks. I wasn't ready to start paying for the service but I did take advantage of the Winks. I came across two profiles that caught my eye. One of them was Trang. I sent them Winks, not thinking anything would really come of it.

Over a week had gone by and I had been busy with other things. I got an email saying I had a message in Yahoo personals. Logging in and going to the messages section I could see I received a message but the picture next to the title was a guy, a big black man. First thing that came to mind - "What The Frick - did I place my profile as Men seeking Men?" But upon opening the message I came to learn that Trang used her friend Johnny's account to send me the message. After the initial shock wore off, I sent her an email.

Having just started with online dating, just like the real world, I thought I would at least go out with a few people just to meet anyone with potential. We started with a couple emails and then went on to chatting over Instant Messanger. Eventually, we felt rather comfortable with each other. Her cousin was visiting from out of town and they decided to play some pool. She invited me to go and I accepted. That night I was rather nervous, on top of that I got out the door later than I hoped and ran into downtown traffic. The first time I got to speak to her was on my cell phone, letting her know that I was running behind schedule. Once, I got there and we got to talk, play some pool and see how cute she was... there was no letting this one get away!

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